Wholesale Master Key System for Landlords

Wholesale Master Key System for Landlords

What is a Master Key System?

Landlords, Property managers and Site Managers can benefit hugely from a Master Key System, but what are they and how do they work?

There are three different types of Master Key Systems:

1.Master Key Suite

This is a simple system, consisting of a set of locks that each have their own individual key, but the set also comes with a master key that can open all of them. This sort of system can be particularly useful for self storage sites or small hotels.

2. Grand Master Suite

In a Grand Master Suite, as with a Master Key Suite, you will have a set of cylinders that each have their own individual key and can also be operated a Master Key. However a number of locks in this suite may also be operated by a Sub Master Key. With this system the Master Key will be able to open all of the doors whilst the Sub Master Key will only be able to open a proportion of them.

A good example of this would be a care home on two floors. The owner would need access to rooms on both floors, where as a manager may only need access to all rooms on the second floor.

3. Great Grand Master Suite

A Great Grand Master Suite is the same as a Grand Master Suite except it will have additional sub master suites. This is ideal for large buildings and premises, or several sets of premises that require numerous levels of access permissions.

For example a landlord may have five properties. The landlord needs access to all of the properties (Master Key), he has a different building manager for each of the five properties, each building manager will have a sub master key that opens all doors at their property, but will not open any of the other four.

Master suites are an ideal solution for care homes, hotels, student accomodation, residential properties, apartments and commercial properties.